Does Age Matter to a Filipina? (part two)

There’s a follow-up thought that I need to ad to my first article regarding Filipinas and age. There are some societal/environmental differences that you should also consider.

By the time an American girl is 17, she’s probably only concerned about her report card or which Britney Spears CD to buy. A 17-year-old Filipina, on the other hand, may very well be the breadwinner for her family.

Filipinas graduate high school by age 16. If a young woman is able to go to college (many cannot afford to), she’ll probably graduate by the time she’s 20. Otherwise, she’ll look for work. As you can imagine, this does speed up the process of maturity. You may just meet a 18-year-old who has been working for the past two or three years.

Thus a Filipina’s perspectives are far different than the before-mentioned American teen. She’s too busy surviving to spend her twenties “finding herself.” This level of maturity makes some Filipinas more prepared for marriage than their Western sisters.

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