Should I get involved with a Filipina (Girl from the Philippines) Who is Separated?


When I look at Filipina dating websites or penpal bride websites, I often see profiles of women who are separated.  I feel for these young women—this Filipina was probably abandoned by her husband, cheated on, or somehow mistreated.  It is possible that someone got this Filipina pregnant, married her, then walked out on her. 

Certainly this is not always the case, and I’m sure there are plenty of women in the Philippines that cheat or cause separation.  Just seems that a lot of times there is a cheating, abusing man involved who didn’t deserve this Filipina in the first place.

Well, here’s what you need to know: divorce is not legal in the Philippines. Annulment is possible, but it is a long, difficult, and expensive process.

In other words, a separated Filipina is not legally able to remarry.  Considering the time and expense, such a Filipina is probably not going to be able to annul her marriage.

If you choose to get involved with a separated Filipina, just keep this in mind. There’s no guarantee that she can get an annulment.  If she can, there would be extra time and expense involved for her to be legally available for marriage.

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