Why Marry a Filipina? They are Beautiful!

Reason #1: They are Beautiful!

I’ve met foreign men of all types in the Philippines—from businessmen to missionaries.There’s something that all of them agree on: Filipinas are gorgeous!I have heard numerous comments on the beauty of Filipino women—many of these complements come from men who have traveled the whole world.

I agree 100%!I remember my first visit to the Philippines.It kind of reminded me of those first breathtaking minutes when a young freshman visits a sorority house.I lifted my eyes to heaven and thanked God for being a single man.I was glad that marrying one of these beauties was an option for me.

Filipinas have a naturally tanned color that many Westerners find irresistible.

Most Filipinas are slim and petite.

Filipinas’ dark hair and eyes ad the finishing touches.

Combine these characteristics and you end up with Asian beauties—the most beautiful women in the world!

Yes, there are beautiful women in other parts of the world. No, I haven’t traveled through Latin American and Russia (though I have visited other parts of Asia). I’ll just say that from my perspective, I can’t imagine a lovelier group of women than Filipinas. Visit the Philippines just once and I think you will agree with me.

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Marry a Filipina

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