Marrying a Filipina: Money and Sharing


If you are serious about marrying a Filipina, you’ll need to talk to her about money.

Filipino culture is different from Western culture.  Whereas Americans are “rugged individualists,” Filipino families share everything.  They are likely to know how much money each family member makes (possibly including extended family) and they share according to need.

It’s quite common for a young woman to give half of her paycheck (or more) away to care for aged parents, sibling tuition, family medical bills, etc.

Refusing to help her family financially is not an option.  On the other hand, her family may overestimate your wealth and think you will pay all of their living expenses once you are part of the family.

This is why communication is so important.  You’ll need to set some basic guidelines as to how much you can give and legitimate needs vs abuse of your generosity.

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