Reasons to Marry a Filipina

What are some good reasons to marry a woman from the Philippines?  I can think of a quite a few:

You are past your 30’s but you want children.  Let’s face it–men don’t really have a biological clock.  If you are 40 or older, marrying someone your own age may mean a childless marriage.    As I’ve mentioned before, Filipinas are open to marrying older men (see also: Does Age Matter to Filipinas).

You want someone with conservative values.   Maybe the women you are meeting remind you of the characters in Sex in the City–not the type you’d want to bring home to mom.  You’ll find more conservative women in the Philippines.

You are religious or a person of faith.  Women from the Philippines tend to be devoted to God.

You want an educated woman.  As I’ve mentioned before, there are plenty of educated, professional women who join penpal websites.

You take marriage seriously, and want a woman who will do the same.  Filipinas are very family oriented.

You think brown-skinned petite women are beautiful.  This Philippines has the most beautiful  women in the world.


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Marry a Filipina

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