Mail Order Bride?

There is still a stigma associated with using websites to find a foreign spouse.  I guess this is based on the “mail order bride” idea.

I personally believe “mail order bride” is a misnomer.   I don’t think anyone ever “ordered” a bride in the same way he would order a product.  This defies all common sense.

Decades ago, companies such as Cherry Blossoms sent out magazines with pictures of foreign women.  Even then, the idea was to provide an opportunity for correspondence–not “buying” or “ordering” a bride.

Technology has radically changed things, and websites have taken the place of magazines.  The stigma still remains, which is unfortunate.  Dating websites are just another way for men and women to find each other.  Some websites simply specialize in connecting Western men to foreign women.  In my opinion, this has nothing to do with “ordering” a bride.

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