Marrying a Woman from the Philippines: More Thoughts on Money and Sharing


I heard this line from a comedian:

“I’m not going to get married–I’m just going to find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house.”

He was referring to the common experience men have in a divorce settlement.

I’ve previously mentioned the filipino culture when it comes to money and sharing–you’ll have to share some of your money with her family.   But there’s something I’ve thought about:

Western men who marry Filipinas have a lower divorce rate than those who marry Westerners.  Marriages to women from the Philippines have about an 80% success rate, compared to the 50% divorce rate among Americans.  So, even though you’ll have to share more of your money, you’re still less likely to have someone divorce you and take half of your stuff.  That’s a better deal as far as I’m concerned.

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