Filipinas: The Age Discussion (Continued)

I’ve talked about the issue of age and Filipinas (women from the Philippines).  I’ve explained that Filipinas are often more open to marrying an older man.

I will give you an example that might help.

Imagine Brad Pitt walked onto an American college campus.  The girls would go crazy for him.  They wouldn’t think “old”: they would think “rich, famous, and gorgeous” (maybe not in that order).

I think this is how Filipinas look at American men.  They are attracted to the way Caucasians look, and they know Western men could provide them with a high standard of living.

Don’t let this go to your head–I am not saying you look like Brad Pitt to them.  I’m saying you may have qualities that appeal to them that they would prioritize over age.

Marry a Filipina: Pictures on Asian Dating Websites

As I’ve mentioned before , I strongly suggest you post a few pictures once you’ve signed up with a dating website.  I’d also caution you against doing much corresponding with a girl without seeing a picture.  You may find yourself wasting a lot of time on someone you’re not even attracted to.

Most of the young women without pictures are not scammers–there are different reasonsanonymous_girl_facebook why they may choose not to post pictures:

*They haven’t scanned any photos.
*They don’t know how the website works.
*They are shy about showing their face on a dating website.
*They may be new and their photos are not yet approved.

Here’s my general policy for pictureless profiles:

*If a Filipina sends a message to me, I ask her to post her photo.  I don’t bother corresponding until I’ve seen a few photos.

*Under some circumstances, I’ll allow pictures to be sent to one of my email addresses (especially if it is a networking situation–someone who wants me to meet her relative).

*Some Filipinas will say they have no picture but invite me to chat with them in webcam.  I usually don’t go for this.  In the first place, webcams often give very poor quality images.  It also puts me in the awkward situation of telling her whether or not I find her attractive on the spot.

Here’s the problem with exchanging pictures through email/webcam–it’s an extra, unnecessary step.   As I’ve mentioned, finding an Asian/Filipina bride is a numbers game.  You have hundreds of profiles to sort through and limited time (assuming you have a job).  It’s best to stick with profiles that have pictures.

If you want to exchange images off the website, it’s OK.  Just remember you are putting yourself through extra steps that wouldn’t be necessary if she had a few images on her profile.

Update:  Things have changed (somewhat) since I first wrote this post.  What I’ve said still applies, but it is becoming increasingly rare for someone to have no access to any kind of digital picture.