Lonely on Valentines? Find Love in the Philippines

So, are you lonely this Valentine’s Day?  Maybe you are looking for love in the wrong country (your own).

I can’t say enough about the beauty and charm of women in the Philippines.  Why not give a Filipina a chance?  As long as you take things slowly and watch for scams, you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Who knows–maybe next year you won’t be alone on Valentine’s Day.  I can give you no guarantee except this–you won’t find love in the Philippines unless you try.

Filipina Online Dating: How Many Messages will I Get?


The answer, of course, depends on several factors.  Your age, your picture, what you say in your profile–all of these affect your attractiveness to women in the Philippines looking for love.

I will tell you this–I get at least a couple of messages a day (usually more), even when I’m not actively searching the site.  These are women who found me–all I “did” was keep my membership going.  As long as you are on a good, well-known site with plenty of members, you’ll get contacted.

You won’t be interested in everyone who emails you.  But every message is another possibility for love–another step closer to finding love in the Philippines.