When you chat with a Filipina online, please be respectful. It’s OK to ask if she’s had boyfriends before.

Maybe it’s even OK to ask questions about her past (if that is important to you).

But please–don’t expect a Filipina to engage you in sexually explicit chats.  If that’s what you are after, there are plenty of websites out there which will cater to your cheap thrills.   Filipinas go to penpal websites to look for husbands, not perverted hook-ups.  Remember, most Filipinas are God-fearing, conservative women.

Why am I saying this?  Because I’ve had more than one Filipina tell me she’s had bad experiences with disrespectful men.

If you are a gentleman, thank you–keep up the chivalrous conduct.

If you are a pervert, please don’t waste a girl’s time and stop giving all us Western men a bad name.  Get your freak on elsewhere and leave the penpal websites alone.

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Marry a Filipina

I am happily married to a woman from the Philippines. This blog was created to help others successfully navigate the world of Filipina Dating.