Filipina Scammers: Always Verify Through Pictures


I’d like to repeat something I’ve said before on this blog: one of the best ways to avoid Filipina Scammers is to verify through several pictures.  She should be willing to send several pictures to you, and at some point, chat with you on webcam.

If she doesn’t send several clear pictures of herself, she’s probably a scammer.  Same goes for someone who will never show herself on webcam (webcams are usually kind of blurry, but you should at least be able to see if she’s the same girl as seen in the pictures she sent).  Granted, it may take a while before she can get to a webcam (not all computer shops have them).

I can’t think of any exceptions to this rule in my experience.  If you ignore my advice, be prepared for some serious frustration and disappointment.  I’d also encourage you to read my article on avoiding Filipina scammers.