Filipinas and Black Men

Let’s say you are an African-American man who is interested in finding love in the question-mark-lovePhilippines.  You may be wondering if you have a chance of winning a Filipina’s heart.  I’ll do my best to answer that question.

As I’ve mentioned before (see: Filipina Beauty), people in the Philippines tend to prefer Caucasian physical characteristics, such as a pointy nose, blue eyes, and light skin.  They avoid sun exposure (for fear of getting darker) and spend a lot of money on “skin whitening” products. Some of the most popular celebrities are half Caucasian.  This is simply the way it is right now.

But that doesn’t mean an African-American has no chance.  I’ve met quite a few black men who are happily married to Filipina women (almost all the ones I’ve met are retired military guys).  One of my readers (a retired black gentleman) recently let me know he’s had a really good response to his profile on a dating website.

So I would never discourage anyone, regardless of skin color, from looking for love in the Philippines.  I would offer a few tips:

*Be sure to post your profile picture.  You want to know upfront if the one you are chatting with is really open to you.

*This may sound obvious, but I would encourage you to ignore profiles that express a preference for white men only.  Don’t waste your time trying to convince someone who is not open-minded.

*Visit the Philippines if at all possible.  I think you’ll find that Filipinos are very warm and friendly to all regardless of skin color.