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When I wrote my first review of it was a relatively new website.  I liked it back then, but I think it has come a long way and gotten even better.

I’ve already stated that I like the spiritual approach of this website.  But there’s another advantage I’m seeing–the owners (who are really nice people) are really just focused on that one website and they really give their full time and attention to it.

Some other sites are parts of huge dating website networks and operate websites targeting several countries (China, Russia, Brazil, etc.).  That’s fine I guess, but I like the fact that Christian Filipina is more like a small family business.  I think that improves the quality of service they can give to their website members.  I think their new look is good, too.

I think Christian Filipina is the best of all the websites out there (and I’ve tried quite a few of them).  One more tip:  I’d encourage you to think about the Platinum (one-year) membership if you decide to join.  That way you can really take your time when you are searching for the right girl.  Just CLICK HERE to visit the website.


Christian Filipina ( Review

A Recommended Website
A Recommended Website

One of the questions I get from time-to-time is this: “where can I meet a good woman from the Philippines?”

One answer is to buy a ticket to Manila (or some other city in the Philippines) and start from there.  The problem with that answer is practicality:  Most of us can’t just drop over a thousand bucks on a plane ticket to randomly search for a date.  You also have to keep in mind that there’s no guarantee you’ll meet someone just because you travel there.  It’s probably in your best interest to have someone in mind before you buy your ticket.

The vast majority of Western men seem to meet Filipinas online.  This is a good option to get started. I know of some who just start chatting with women on social media, but I think this is kind of a “blind” approach.  You might just end up wasting a lot of time trying to sort through profiles and trying to figure out who is single.

I think you are better off joining a site where you can find single women who are specifically interested in meeting Western men.  For those who are considering this, I’d recommend  I’m not saying all the other Filipina dating websites are bad.  I’m not even saying that I have spent countless hours comparing them all (I haven’t).

What I can say is I did use a few Filipina dating websites back in my single days, and I think sets itself apart from the others.

I can also tell you that I have known the owner of this particular site for quite some time (almost ten years).  We go back to the early days of this blog, when I was first writing to give advice for men (like me) who were looking for love in the Philippines.  I believe he sincerely wants to help men meet quality Filipinas with traditional Christian values.  I also believe they work really hard to keep scammers from joining the website.

Another thing I like about is specialization.  Here’s what I’m saying: some of the other sites are part of huge networks that include other websites that focus on other countries (Russia, Brazil, etc.).  But is focused specifically on the Philippines, and as far as I know, isn’t part of any other such networks.  The website owner himself is married to a Filipina, so I know he respects both the women of the Philippines and the men that are looking for love.  The end result is quality over quantity and more attention to detail.

This website also kind of has a more spiritual feel to it.  When you log in there’s a daily Bible verse on the right-side column.  It seems to attract some of the girls who may be reluctant to join some of the other sites–women with more traditional moral values, which is what you want if you are looking for a wife. Just consider the kind of pictures on vs. other dating sites and I think you’ll see what I mean.

Note (2017): this post was originally written years ago, but I still stand by it 100%–my opinion hasn’t change.

Just CLICK HERE if you’d like to check it out.  It’s the only website I recommend for Filipina Dating.

Filpina Online Dating Success Story: Chad

I wanted to share with you my success story and possibly get a link from your blog to my site.

I started my online dating experience over 3 years ago and have been married to my beautiful wife for 2 of them. She is definately the best thing that has ever happened to me.

I met her on one of the “kisses sites” but not without running into at least 20 scammers first. When I first signed onto the site they sent me an email telling me that 90% of the women were scammers or spammers and to be careful. I had been chatting with about 10 women at one time eliminating the scammers one by one but there was one that was very good. I actually talked to her for as long as I did my eventual wife. I knew something was fishy because I never did see her in a cam but we did exchange many pictures and at one point when I thought we were getting serious I sent her money to get her passport. She did and then sent me a scanned copy of it and everything matched up including the date and her picture. I did find out later that she did tell me a larger price to get the passport but I found that out from my wife after I went to visit her in Japan. I had dropped the scammer long before. As you will see if you check out my blog it was just yesterday that the whole truth was revealed to me as I could never prove she was scamming until I found her on another website yesterday with at least 2 profiles with the same pics she was using 2 years ago. This was the proof to me.

Anyway back to my success. After I met the woman that would become my wife. The chatting with other girls got less and less leading up to the time I would go visit her in Japan. I spent at least 1-3 hours a day talking with her over the yahoo messenger phone for almost 6 months before I went to Japan. Of course I was still a bit skeptical when Im getting off the plane but I was there to meet her and put any fears to rest. They were all put down as soon as our eyes met at the baggage pick up and I saw her through the window. She did a little dance of excitement that I will never forget. From then on I knew we would be together. I spent 2 weeks in Japan over my birthday on valentines day and it was the best birthday I had in my life. I even got a nice dragon tattoo to remember my trip to Japan everytime I see it. I still get compliments on it today.

After my trip back home to Michigan I planned a trip to the Philippines so we could be married here and that happened about 5 months later. Then I made one more trip back home and tied up all the loose ends of my business since I decided I would rather live in the Philippines. It was an easy decesion because I work from home on the computer and I really like the life style here.

Since moving here we have bought a house and 6 months ago we had our first child. A bouncing baby boy. I love it here.

I have to say though I dissagree with your assesment that 90% of the women on these FilipinaBridesites are true and honest. The site I mentioned above has since stopped sending out the email saying that 90% are scammers or spammers. I checked on that a few months ago when I started research into starting my own site. However I can also tell you that your blog is very informative for those new to online dating of Filipinas and for the most part I could not put it better myself. I really enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for your time and enjoy your time here in the Philippines


Thanks for this guest post!
The % of scammers may depend on the website you choose.  Here’s where we agree–you do have to be careful, but finding love online is possible.