Filipina Beauty


FilipinaBeautyI’m not the only Western guy to notice the exceptional beauty of the women here in the Philippines.  Most first-time visitors comment on how pretty the girls are (both men and women).

Here’s what’s interesting: Filipino culture tends to prize features we’d associate with Caucasians.  White skin, a pointed nose, and blue eyes are considered handsome or beautiful characteristics.  Some of this goes back to the period in which the Spaniards ruled.  Children of Spanish colonizers certainly had certain social/economic advantages, so “whiter is better” kind of got imprinted in the culture.

I don’t think this preference is purely based on cultural baggage from the Spanish era. Maybe it also has to do with Western media and the desire to look more like international actors and actresses.

For better or worse, people in the Philippines admire light skin. Filipinos spend millions on products designed to whiten their skin (first-time visitors to the country may be surprised by the marketing of “skin whitening” lotions).   Many of the popular tv and movie stars are half Filipino/half Caucasian.

Most Filipino men I’ve talked to tend to prefer women with fair complexions (called mestizas).   Women with darker complexions (morenas) are often not considered as beautiful. There are exceptions to this rule, but I’m speaking in very general terms to make a point.

Here’s where this gets interesting for Western men: the woman you consider beautiful may be looked upon as completely “average” by the standards here in the Philippines.  I love the look of a “classic” Filipina beauty: dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and a petite figure.  Most foreigners I meet also seem to choose morenas.

This is where a Western man is in a win-win situation as far as physical attraction goes.  He admires the women of the Philippines who may not be appreciated by her fellow countrymen.  She is attracted to his pointed nose and other Caucasian features.

I think this is an overlooked aspect of “Fil-West” relationships.  Philippine women are often just considering all their options and responding to those who most appreciate their unique attractiveness.

Are Filipinas Open to Divorced Men?


The answer is yes.

I’ve met more than one divorced man who is now married to a Filipina.  These guys often tell me they really appreciate the more traditional/conservative outlook of women in the Philippines.

Just remember there is no divorce in the Philippines, and marriage is taken very seriously here.  You’ll need to be 100% honest and explain exactly why your first marriage didn’t work out.  Filipinas tend to be very understanding, but please be honest.

What if she is separated?  I’ve addressed this in a previous post:

Should I get involved with a Filipina who is Separated? 

Filipinas: The Age Discussion (Continued)

I’ve talked about the issue of age and Filipinas (women from the Philippines).  I’ve explained that Filipinas are often more open to marrying an older man.

I will give you an example that might help.

Imagine Brad Pitt walked onto an American college campus.  The girls would go crazy for him.  They wouldn’t think “old”: they would think “rich, famous, and gorgeous” (maybe not in that order).

I think this is how Filipinas look at American men.  They are attracted to the way Caucasians look, and they know Western men could provide them with a high standard of living.

Don’t let this go to your head–I am not saying you look like Brad Pitt to them.  I’m saying you may have qualities that appeal to them that they would prioritize over age.